31 October 2008

In Memory of Jack

Tomorrow, Saturday, Jackie would be turning seven. Well, we don't really know if that was his EXACT birthday, but we knew about how old he was when we got him, so there it is.

I remember the first time I ever saw him. I was living in my apartment at Walden Pond, and Brady showed up with a "surprise" at my front door. And there was Jack, under his Carhart. We let him down, to see how he would play with the kitties. He played nicely...he warned them with a snarl before he actually plowed them down.

That dog went everywhere with Brady...including back to TAMU two Januarys ago.

He slept in my lap in the Tahoe.

He learned tricks and listened ONLY to Brady.

He was the yearly River Rat Conoe Trip mascot. He rode in the boat with Brady and Edward. I'm pretty sure they made him row half the trip, too. They're like that...slave drivers.

During one of his Jack Ran Away Again adventures, a friend found him at Sonic. He dug their fries.

During another one of his Jack Ran Away Again adventures, he jumped out of Brady's truck bed and INTO McDonald's THROUGH the drive-thru window. Please take a moment...can you picture the girl at the window? Hello, coronary. Luckily, Brady was in the restaurant, waiting on his double quarter pounder (extra pattie for Jack, hello), so Jack escaped arrest.

And yes, they always split their McD's right down the middle. And I got the Happy Meal.

Jack was in love with Brady, and it's safe to say the same was true the other way around.

Oh, and he owned the passenger seat in Brady's truck. It has to be said. I was only allowed to squeeze in on the edge, next to him. And then he'd lay his back legs out on me, ottoman-fashion. I was always happy to oblige. (Yah right.)

And boy, was that dog ever hard to contain. When the boys lived in College Station, they had a chain link fence around the back yard, surrounded with electric fence. Do you think that kept him in? Nosiree. He listened and learned to time his dash around the clicks of the electric fence. And so, when the boys would come home, they'd glance over to the opposite side of the street and see Jack playing with the neighbors. But of course.

He liked to ride the tractor with Brady, too. I'm pretty sure I heard him say neener-neener a few times, as they drove by. Him up there on a throne, and me sitting in the dirt.

I used to fuss him for jumping in my flowerbeds, relieving himself in my flowerbeds, digging in my flowerbeds...pretty much just waging war on them in general, waiting for me to holler: "Jackson Loyd Russell!!!" And now? I wish I hadn't. I'd let him do it all day long if he wanted.

I couldn't help but fall in love, too. He had a sweet face. And he knew it.

I'll post some pictures of him soon. And maybe tomorrow, I'll write about his very last Super Hog Dog Hunting Adventure. Or maybe not. You don't see many Jack Russell hog dogs. He had a heart bigger than Texas and absolutely no fear. I think he did it because he knew Brady would be impressed.

We love you, Jackie Boy. And we miss you. When your picture flashes up on the computer screen saver, if we both happen to see it, we both freeze, and I don't breathe. I don't want Brady to be sad, but I know he is. We weren't ready to let go yet. And we have cried rivers for you. And I'm glad you'll be in Piedmont with us forever. And I'll get on that marker ASAP...you want a picture of a hog on it? Consider it done.

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