31 October 2008

Young and...Really Ruddy-Looking


How 'bout THAT?!

Obviously, this picture was taken with a $0.50 throw-away camera, bought from some gas station. In a third world country. It's a bit grainy. And red. Do you notice the redness? At first blush, a person might guess we were completely schnookered. But no.... And anyone familiar with my particular Brand of Pasty knows this is NOT natural.

But what isn't lost by the cheapo camera is the "Young & Happy" in the picture. Not that I'm channeling Grandma Moses here or anything, but do we look pre-pubescent, or what? We are positively glowing in our youngness, our happiness, our "We've gone and fallen in love."

And I'm probably a little tickled at the thought that I might look tan in this picture....

This was taken right at the beginning. Like, Spring of 2001. I had just figured out that he hung the moon, and he had just figured out that I would most likely ruin the constitution of every one of his horses if I ever rode one again....

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