15 November 2008

Blue Skies

Are shinin' on him!

This is a picture of the Texas/Arkansas sky taken the day Caleb James came home from the hospital, from the back door of his first home. His Grandma Becker had the forethought to take this picture...a very neat idea.

Have you ever wondered about the little things that may have surrounded you the day YOU came home? I do, when I look at this picture....

What did my skies look like? I was born in January, and if I remember correctly, my parents said they were having an unusually cold and snowy! January for Texas.

What songs played on the radio on the way home? Did they sing along with them? Or was it quiet in the car, so they could hear me breathing and talk to each other?

Did they drive super slow, to avoid every bump and pothole and crazy driver, or did they race home, so they could hurry and get me inside, where it was warm and safe?

I'm guessing the car heater was probably on....

Did I have a special outfit? Did it fit? Did I ever wear it again? Who gave it to them? Did someone make it?

What was the first thing they did with me when we GOT home...did they set me down and look at me? Put me in my crib? Take pictures? Pray over me? Or change my stinkin' to high Heaven diaper?

And when all the fairies gathered around me to proclaim me the most beautiful princess in the land, did I giggle? Or did all the fairy dust cause me to sneeze them into oblivion?

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