11 November 2008

Trailers for Sale or Rent

During Brady's one and only semester at Blinn, where he began The Back to School Journey, he had a Geology class. He actually got interested in the class and the labs. As we traversed the state on the weekends, carrying out his plethora of haul jobs, he'd randomly direct my attention out the window:

"You see that rock formation?"

"Bet you don't know what caused those stripes...."

"That streak of color there was caused when the tectonic plates cracked and Rainbow Brite came sailing out on that flying white horse."

So maybe I wasn't always listening and paying attention.

But the point is he liked the class. He came away with a perfect A+ grade. (Can you get A+ grades in college?)

The one thing he didn't come away with, however, was a final exam grade.

That's because he didn't take it.

He just kind of decides one day that he is tired of studying. He doesn't want to have to do all the studying and writing required to prepare for the test. Instead, he saunters up (He wants me to clarify he didn't saunter.) to the prof and offers an alternative:

"Say...how 'bout, instead of taking the final, I carry home that old rusted trash trailer of yours and completely redo it. I'll even paint it Blinn blue...."

And so then the prof says, "Okay."

Um, excuse me? Okay? Have we stepped into the Emerald City here? Okay?

Had I known it worked this way, I would have offered to clean my linguistics proffesor's tile grout, if only she'd HAVE A HEART. But that's a story for another day....

He rebuilt the whole thing. Welded brand new metal everything. Painted it, new tires, new lights, hitch, refabricated tire wells, you name it. Look how he even painted those little knobby things coming out of the tires Blinn blue.

Little Knobby Things is an official dictionary term. I looked it up.

My man? He's got skills.

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