17 November 2008

Gracias Dios

Thanksgiving is coming. It's barely two weeks away now. Thanksgiving has always been one of my very favorite holidays. Not because I am in the practice of giving thanks as much as I should, or because I have an affinity for Pilgrims, or because I stuff cornucopias as a hobby, but it's just such a fun and easy time.

For starters, you get TWO WHOLE DAYS off from work.

Every year.

No matter what.

Every Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving, I will get to sleep as late as I want, knowing I don't have to go to work...knowing I can lay around and watch daytime T.V....or ride around with Brady and see what he really does during the day...or go out to Washington and lay around THERE, reliving my youth.

And Wednesday night will be exciting, because I'll know I don't have to think about work again for FOUR WHOLE DAYS.

In addition to that, you get all the fun, food, talking, games, eating, laughing, food, and visiting that comes with Christmas and Easter, only without having to decorate, buy presents, or hide eggs! Did I mention food? It's the lazy man's holiday....

As Thanksgiving 2009 rolls around, I am grateful for:

- Brady's TAMU graduation
- Brady's Aggie ring
- paying off all debt
- our place in Piedmont
- my family
- his family
- Lesley and Willy finding each other
- my job
- Tallulah still running
- the red Dodge still running
- the red Dodge not hitting anything when it rolled out of Exxon
- our nephew, Caleb James
- our cows
- Grandma's, where the cows live
- Laura's baby
- old friends like Kelee and Holly
- shared friends like the Dukes and the Maxeys
- Great Aunt Freida's house and Bernie's generosity

and last, but certainly not least...

- God's will and everything the future holds!

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