03 November 2008

Please Pass the Afghan

I found this picture on my computer. I have no idea where it came from; it's titled "Winter." It looks winter, alright. It's so cold, everything has turned blue.

I don't believe I'd like to be that cold.

What this reminds me of, however, is band. Marching Band. I was in it. Yes, that's right. I was a band nerd...I walked while playing an instrument. I like to think I was pretty good. I would have to be...otherwise, what was the point of the embarrassment? Anyhoo...the memory this frigid picture evokes is of marching at a festival in Katy, Texas. I think it was our Area contest, and it was so cold outside that most of us had these hand warmer things stuffed into the toes of our white marching shoes (made extra white by thick white shoe polish, hubba hubba).

You'd be so cold, you couldn't imagine NOT having this freakish hot pocket stuffed into the toe of your shoes, but after five minutes, you're toes were so hot, they'd start to ooze BBQ sauce. I mean, this was a real serious quandry. Do we take leave of our senses and die a slow, cold death?

Or do we fire up the grill?

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