06 November 2008

Ready - Set - Go

Okay. I'm setting the Sap Timer. I've got seven minutes by the computer clock..that'll take me to 7:10...to talk sap. I am not a big sap-talker....

Dear Lesley,

So, you got engaged last Thursday. That is so exciting! I can't tell you how happy and thrilled I am for you. I can tell by the words you say and by the way you act that this is the real deal. What can I say...I recognize it. Because I, too, have the real deal. And we are some blessed sisters to have such great men in our lives - and so blessed that our whole family is together and gettin' along. When I take the time to look around, I realize what a gift that is.

I've had several people ask, "So, what do you think about your little sister being engaged?" My answer? "Dude, she's still four-years old and sucking her thumb to me!"

I am right now getting a vision of you and Mimi sitting on the other side of the cyclone fence that separated the running yard and the rock yard at Jack & Jill. You both wanna "come on over," and you're BOTH sucking your thumbs. But I am older and wiser and cooler and only us older, wiser, and cooler ones get to be in the running yard. So you'll just have to suck it up. Pun intended.

[5 more minutes on the Sap Timer]

Yes, you were definitely my Cutie Pie. And you'd still be, if you hadn't turned into Gorgeous instead. With that one-in-a-million red hair and perfect complexion and 100-watt smile and sense of humor that makes everyone want you at their party. With your camera.

I know you're a little uncertain and scared about the move coming up this summer to Maryland, but it is all good. You two are going to have such a good time together. Talk about starting a marriage with excitement and adventure!

I'm just glad I get to come tour the joint. Hope you're ready for some tourist planning.

[2 more minutes on the Sap Timer...let's make it count]

Anyways, I know Mama and Daddy are thrilled to the hilt for you, too. I mean, we can both look at Mama and just see the giddy spewing out. She can hardly stand herself.

Well, I know they're proud of you and excited for you. You've turned out well. And Willy is one lucky man. Because he is about to have me as a sister-in-law.


He only has one test left to pass, and perhaps we can work that in with the first Maryland trip next month: riding in a car for 20+ hours with me and you. Shall I have Brady email him some pointers? Or some ear plugs? Or perchance he'd rather have a Walgreens goody bag full of meds?

Okay. Time's up.

Love ya'.

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