26 November 2008

Say Cheese!

So, this is the picture that I chose, with Brady's approval, over two years ago to put in the paper for our wedding announcement. One of the reasons that I really love this picture is because I think my sheer happiness really shows.

When our baby or babies look at this picture one day, there will be absolutely no doubt of how much his or her or their mama loved Daddy on their wedding day!

With all the talk and preparations for Lesley's wedding, I think about ours more and more. I kind of miss it...like an old friend.

I need to hurry and get some wedding pictures hanging up on the walls! Maybe that would help. I've looked at them all so many times - over and over again - that I have them all memorized, anyway.

And yes, I am tactfully ignoring the fact that I STILL don't have any wedding pictures hanging, and it's been over two years.

In fact, I think that's the excuse I'm going use next time someone asks when we're having a baby:

"I don't even have any wedding pictures hung up yet!"

There. Good idea.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all....

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