25 January 2009

Arts & Crafts

In a previous post, I mentioned the vase Brady left on my doorstep for my 22nd birthday, personally and handmade out of one of his ropes. Well, this is it, boys and girls. It's not the original bouquet of daisies, of course, but just a bunch of flowers I bought at the grocery store, so I could keep it full.

I mean, is that creative, or what?

I sometimes wonder how many steer hooves it was wrapped around before it got to my door. Or how many horns it looped.

Ah, life's little mysteries....


  1. so, let me see if i can get this straight...
    your husband 1. loves kids; 2. makes arts and crafts; 3. does not stay up until midnight playing war videogames like a 13 year old....
    can i rent him? :)

  2. You're getting a prize for being My Most Devoted One & Only, by the way.

    Note: 1. we don't have any kids;
    2. only arts and crafts that require a welding helmet; 3. and we don't own any videogames. So, you know, that helps. =)

  3. aymless883/26/2009

    Tell my cousin he should make those for gifts for us. How sweet he is.