31 January 2009

"Desk Set"

So, I got B a year's subscription to Netflix as part of his Christmas present. He's a movie nutcase. I mean aficionado. Yah.

In other words, he loves movies. Of all kinds. And I figured this would save us some money in the long run. Do you have any idea how much they CHARGE to rent one little ol' movie these days?!

And along with this Netflix subscription, you get access to INSTANT MOVIES. You heard me. Now, some might not care so much about this, because they never have new releases on instant, but I luuuv it so much, 'cause I luuuv the old movies so much!

Now who's the nutcase? I mean aficionado.

My first foray into the instants was "Desk Set," with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. So cute. Nice little easy movie. Seriously, that Bunny (KH's character) and her sister-friends in the research department make secretarial work look like the bees' knees.

I think my suitemates and I should share three bottles of champagne next Christmas. While at work, in the middle of the day no less.

And boy do they snort and hoot when mister man cooks his shoes in the oven for too long.... I think I even laughed out loud. Although more at them than him.

I mean, really, who doesn't love a happy ending with two saps kissing? Even though it's quirky as all get out, in front of this big, sputtering, 50's-style computer....

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