07 January 2009

The Namesake

This picture is really dark, and you really can't see very much in it, but my family took this picture of Brady and me a few days after we bought our 14 acres in Piedmont, back in January of 2003.

We were so proud! You can't tell, but our chests are all puffed out.

After buying our Piedmont, I think we both felt like a part of something bigger than ourselves. We're responsible for a piece of his family's land...it will be part of our legacy, and it will be up to us to nurture and take care of...even when hurricanes (Yes, Ike, I'm speaking to you....) have a mind to rip up trees and hurl them like matches.

This is my favorite tree on the entire place. I call it The Swing Tree. It's got branches just begging for some swings!

Of course, they're probably hollow, because they're mostly post oaks, but it's the idea that counts, right?

These trees are hundreds of years old, and the branches on this one in particular sprawl out so far that they make their very own canopy. When it's drizzling, if you sit under it, you don't even get wet!

So, not only are we celebrating my birthday this month, but our anniversary of becoming Texas Land Owners. Someone once told me that this is a rare gift and something to hold onto forever....

Happy 6th, dear girl.

(She supports horses and trees and us and a pond and pups, without so much as a sigh...she HAS to be female!)

(And boys are really cool, too! Really!)

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