06 January 2009

It Ain't All Bad

So, it looks like it might actually happen.

I closed my eyes and shut off my brain and put my hair in a ponytail and watched some Designing Women from the 90's, but it hasn't made a difference.

I'm going to turn 30. On Friday. Whether I like it or not.

I hear this is the most challenging birthday, mentally speaking. And mentally, I'm not starting out at the top of the heap, so this is disconcerting.

But, I do look forward to all the birthday traditions. We really know how to drag it out around here.... Picking that special meal Mama will make for you...going out to eat at your choice of restaurant another night...yellow cake with chocolate icing...Lesley's class singing the happy birthday song to me over the phone (You dont' get off the hook just 'cause you're in Maryland...I expect you and Willy to fill the gap!)...Brady singing our own little birthday song to me:

"Stacey it's your birthday...happy birthday Stacey!"
It's a catchy little ditty.

I remember when I turned sixteen. The famous "16th birthday" picture is me, sitting on our fireplace hearth, holding my cake, with an expression half "I'm too cool for this," and half "This is kind of cool," And then, they gave me a truck to drive. And all was right with the world.

I remember when I turned eighteen, thanks to my sister. She threw me a surprise birthday party out at our house in the boonies. All the girls came, and we ended the night dancing, and SOMEONE was holding a video camera. I still have the video. And as soon as I learn how to transfer VHS to DVD, everyone WILL be getting blackmail copies. Mark my words, and be afraid...be very afraid....

I remember turning 21, too. The sweetest gifts I ever got...a huge teddy bear and a vase that some gorgeous, strapping cowboy MADE for me out of one of his ropes, filled with daisies - my signature flower - and left on my front porch.
[Swoon here.]

I remember my 22nd birthday, too. That time, I got to my parent's house and discovered aforementioned gorgeous, strapping cowboy, his friends, my friends, and my family all decorating the living room in my honor. Then, we all went to the Big Wheel. Hallelujah, The End.

And there was another year in there where my sister threw me ANOTHER surprise party. What is with this girl and surprise parties? I think she does it solely for the look on my face.

And now, my mother-in-law makes me my favorite Jack & Jill spaghetti and my very own cupcakes to celebrate.

When I turned 29, my Husband (That word still surprises me from time to time....) showed up with a goody bag full of my favorite things and a swing with thick, white rope that he made, just for me.

All in all, I'd say I've been incredibly blessed and totally spoiled. My family and my man are really good to me on my birthdays...they really know how to make a girl feel special.

And if they wanna make me feel EXTRA special this year, perhaps they could just write "29" on everything. That would be really SWEET. And this picture has nothing to do with a birthday celebration, but it tickles me, and it kind of illustrates my new relationship with Thirty:

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  1. excuse me, but can someone please tell the puppetmaster in the back that the strings to the marionette on the left need to be raised a smidge lest she break her neck.