01 February 2009


Well, he's here! He's made it! He's arrived! I just KNEW it was going to be a boy! Ever since my sister had a dream where she saw Kel with a little boy, I just knew. And he's a looker, I tell ya'. And so alert. He smells like a dream. And Kel looked so cute sitting there in the hospital bed, with her headband on...although she's always had this uncanny way of making everything look so easy. Her and Jackie both. I think I'll let Jackie have my first baby for me, and Kel my second. They won't mind.

And this is me with the monkey. There was a monkey in the room. I'm trying desperately to look like a cutie in the picture, and she's showing me up with animal faces. Leave it to a munchkin.

As it turns out, aforementioned Munchkin is a photographer. She took this picture with my camera. She also took a picture of the window in the hospital room, but I'm not posting that one. You can see McDonald's chicken nuggets in that picture, and it makes me salivate. And crave ketchup. And really, who needs that?

And we won't even mention how lost my Yahoo directions got us on the way to the hospital. And we won't mention how pleased the hubs was about that. And we for shore won't mention how backwards they list hospitals on the phone's GPS system. I mean, we're just not mentioning any of that stuff.

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  1. You and your Yahoo directions! Hmm... ;)