28 February 2009

Move 'Em Up, Head 'Em Out

I should be packing right now. Filling boxes, wrapping stuff in newspaper, and taping it all shut within an inch of its life. But what am I doing instead? Sitting at the computer.

Because that's really gonna be a big help a few days from now, when the heat is really on....

All of this moving and packing malarky smacks a little too familiar. We just did all this with Willy and Lesley a couple of months ago.

I think she knew this was coming, so she got out first. Sneaky. Veeeery sneaky.

I took this picture with my new bomdiggity phone the day they all headed out for Maryland. Daddy drove the big moving truck, Willy drove his truck, loaded down with essentials, like deer heads, and Mama and Lesley rode in the Explorer. We all congregated in the Wal-Mart parking lot...where else?

Never know if you might need something last minute from The Wal-Mart.

I think that was the first time I've ever cried in a Wal-Mart parking lot, and I'm pretty sure that's pure blasphemy.

Daddy said the 1,500 mile trip was a bumpy one in the moving van. I betcha his rear axle was none too happy by the end.

Incidentally, I seem to see yellow Penske moving vans everywhere I go these days....


  1. I detect a little sarcasm about the deer heads. Back in my part of the country, its a great accomplishment to have deer heads in the house. How else are you going to know who is the greatest hunter ever? And oh yeah, just FYI, that's me baby...Just call me Daniel Boone!!!

    I just want you to know that after hauling Timber Jack (Deer #1 of my collection) over 2,000 miles riding shot-gun, Lesley does not
    like him hanging in the house. Apparently, if you can see him when you walk in the front door, then he detracts from the beauty of the house. Who knew?

    So we are now posed with the question of where to put him. Any suggestions as to where my co-pilot can hang? Just FYI, Lesley said without a doubt he cannot hang in the bed room. Something about eyes watching her when she sleeps....I don't know. I'm up for suggestions.

  2. I suggest you put him on the front porch. You can decorate him for the holidays....