17 February 2009

Caution: Ghostly Whiteness Ahead

When it was decided at the end of last year that my sister would be moving FIFTEEN HUNDRED MILES AWAY to the tundra...I mean Maryland...Daddy spoiled us rotten and got us some fancy new phones. They're the kind that let you take pictures and send them to each other. He figured - and rightly so - that this would make keeping in touch easier for "us girls."

That means Mama, too.

I realize that this is probably only new and fancy to us, as it's been on the market for quite some time, but what can I say...the cobbler's kids have no shoes, and the phone man's kids (and wife) have bag phones.

Oh, but what fun you can have taking random pictures while you sit in the truck and wait for your husband to load a big ol' round bale on the trailer.

These phones are the bomdiggity.

I mean, it's really amazing the things you can find that are worth photographing to kill your boredness.

I mean, dare I share the really horrid one?

I have no shame.
But I do have two chins.
Anybody want one?

Here...let's end with puppy.
I don't want my face to haunt you at night.


  1. No thanks! I've got two of my own! haha!

  2. if u happen to find someone who needs an extra chin, i have one i'm willing to part with as well...