19 March 2009

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Live from Maryland!

And about 500 other states...that's a huge difference in The North, as opposed to The South. In The South, you can drive for days and still be in Texas.

Here? You drive for ten minutes, and you've crossed a state line. You can barely get the vehicle accelerated from a stop before you're calling out again: "Wait! Pull over! It's the Welcome to ________ (insert new state name here) sign!" This is then immediately followed by screeching tires, flying gravel, some under-the-breath mutterings, and lots of back seat cackling and chattering.

On our first evening here, after having supper at Willy and Lesley's, we took a drive to White's Ferry to ride it across the Potomac. That was pretty darned cool. Love me some ferries. I'm really into water sports.

We all piled into Willy's Dodge for the excursion. I sat in the back seat, middle. If you can call it sitting. It was more like crouching. My, ain't some closeness in a vehicle bonding? Especially when the camera is flashing. The driver loves that, too. Just ask Willy J.

Oh, and then?

We went for ice cream.

Yay, vacation.

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