25 March 2009

River Rats

The River Wild.

Or not so much.

(Ever seen that movie? Me, neither.)

For the 2009 River Rat Canoe Trip, I believe the guys did more walking than paddling. Or is it rowing? That is why we women-folk are not invited. Amongst other things.

Edward is the trail boss, with Brady as his right hand paddler.

Right hand rower.


Brady's the guy that sits in the front.

I took this picture of the two of them leading the pack. They're the only canoe of the pack you can actually see at this point, but trust me...the other half dozen or so are right around that bend thar....

I went along with Edward's wife, Angie, to pick the guys up for the very first time in February of 2002, and I haven't missed a year yet.

Edward's Family Welcome Wagon has grown nearly every year since I started tagging along. First, it was just Angie and Pickle, their Boston Terrier. Then, Angie was pregnant with Avery, so it was Pregnant Angie and Pickle. Fast forward to Angie, Pickle, and Avery. And then Pregnant Angie Again, Pickle, and Avery. And now Angie, Pickle, Avery, and Emberly!

And poor Brady.

It's always just me, standin' there on the bank.


"Hi, Honey!"

I think maybe I'll surprise him next year and have a small child with me.


  1. What!! Is there something you haven't told us?

  2. I think you definately should! Or maybe it could be Angie, Pickle, Avery, Emberly and Pregnant Stacey?;)

  3. Hold the bus, boys and girls!

    I was really thinking more along the lines of just swiping one from a playground somewhere for a couple of hours.... ;)

  4. you could borrow parker if you want. but you'd have to catch him first.