09 April 2009

Callin' All Sugars, Darlin's, & Honeypies

Juno. The first one we rented.

I wonder if they made the stripes on the cover orange and white to reflect his love for orange Tic Tacs?

At the beginning of the movie, I felt a little weirded out...of course, I was watching it in my parents' living room, on a week night, while they were STATES away.

This is worth mentioning, because there is flesh flashed in this film.

But I tell ya' what...when she left that note at the end of the movie, I teared up. I can't tell you what the note said, or I'll ruin the whole thing. But I teared up, and I wanted to hug her. I wanted to take her home with me.

I'd have to say that the most important thing I got out of this movie, however, is the fact that I never had a nickname growing up. No June Bug, no Cuddle Clumps, no cute little something or other....

Although there was this kid in junior high that called me Monitor, because it was similar to my last name.

I can tell you're laughing just as hard as he did.

I'm still rolling my eyes.

So, now that I've showed you my Monitor, let's hear your nicknames....

(And if no one comments, I'll be erasing these last two "paragraphs." I'm insecure like that.)


  1. unfortunately i grew up a member of the "nicknamed deprived society" as well. although i suppose i could consider "Heather", "Sether", or "Harah" all valid nicknames since I was called all of them pretty regularly, even if it wasn't on purpose.

  2. Cuddle Clumps. HAAAA!

  3. Anonymous4/14/2009

    Umm how 'bout punkin, red, wooki, lelie, bacon bits, la'rae...real quality stuff here folks! Though I do remember you being called at least one or two nicknames...I hear a tune in my head... shameel-shamazle-something, something, happen stance...hahahaha...boy I KNOW I got that all wrong!! I believe there was a bandana involved...

  4. Stop the presses, Red left a comment....

  5. Amy Hall4/21/2009

    Hey--your Uncle Charles calls me "Aymless, Thelma Lou, Princess, P2 (being his second princess).

  6. I do recall calling you Staceyo Molitore' and Ethel and Elvis or Daisy (remember all those secret notebooks we had and passed back and forth in like Jr. High. Other than the names we had for each other, I never really had a nick-name either. Boo-hoo.