19 April 2009

Life's a Beach

Whatever you do, don't try clicking to look inside the book!

It's all a ruse.

My mama got me this book as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. I read it in about three days, while doing laundry, washing dishes, watching T.V., sleeping, and taking baths. It's that kind of book. You can read it while doing twelve and a half other things.

But don't try thirteen. Thirteen is too many.

It's a really easy read, but cute. I had to read it, because it was written by the woman who wrote Must Love Dogs, a book made into a movie starring none other than JOHN CUSACK.

For those who don't know me, I really dig John Cusack.

And his sister, Joan. I love how she's in almost every movie he's in. They're like a package deal.

In any case, this book wasn't quite as good as Must Love Dogs. Maybe because I wasn't watching it as a full color movie. Maybe because John Cusack wasn't in it. I just don't know....

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