16 April 2009

Technically, 3:50 AM IS the Next Day...

...but a bit extreme.

B's cell phone went off at 3 AM Wednesday morning. I was jarred awake, and he looked around, mumbling, "What's that noise?"

Me: "That would be your cell phone...do we know anyone that could be calling us from jail? On second thought, don't answer that...."

He scrambles around a while, trying to find his bearings, at which point the obviously-in-another-time-zone caller begins calling back.

It's the haul job (as in horse) that he's supposed to be doing later that day. Only the horse has chosen to escalate matters with a case of colic, and the owners are frantic. So, up he goes.

He's an official equine ambulance service for the county and surrounding areas. Usually, this kind of adventure and excitement gets our blood pumping, but recently, something has changed:

We. Got. Old. Er.

And now? Well, the sleep is pretty sweet....

*** Update on the Horse: As turns out, it wasn't colic at all, but a case of severe salmonella poisoning, discovered during the colic surgery. Obviously, not a happy ending. ***


  1. Got your blog comment. It's so good to "hear" from you.

    Did you know that Kevin is back with UCS... R&R now? Funny how things work out.

    I'll have to read more of your blog later.

  2. hey i'm working nights this week...perhaps my cell-phone could be convinced to make a call at 3:50 tomorrow morning....muuwaahahahahaha!