24 June 2009

I Love Lucy...and Sugie

Is he winking? Or is he sneering? Perhaps he's in the process of falling asleep, one eye at a time.... It's a happy memory from Oakwood Street. I would bring in the warm laundry from the dryer and dump it on the couch, so that I could sort and fold while watching I Love Lucy. Lucy makes everything fun, right? I don't even have to watch the episodes anymore. I just listen, and I can picture exactly what's happening on the set...from the way the apartment is arranged to the smirk on her face. Most times, the second the clothes hit the couch, Sugar would come running. I use the term running loosely. He's more moved forward by the momentum of his fat pouch swaying back and forth. As soon as he got up there, he'd start making his nest. He'd walk circles, sit down, stand up, look at me, purr, meow to himself, lay on his back, curl his feet up in the air, stretch out on his side, yawn with pleasure, and then settle down for the best nap of his LIFE. Except this is where I yank a towel or shirt out from under him, and his world would come crashing down around him. He'd look at me, all offended, and then turn his back in defiance. Until I'd call to him... "Sugie!" (That's short for Sugar, hello. Pronounced Shoog-ie.) And then he'd run on over and dutifully accept his scratch behind the ear. And then he'd jump back up on the couch for round two...wash, rinse, repeat...wash, rinse, repeat....

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