12 July 2009

You Ol' Heifer

Meet the girls...Tiger Lily and Tar Baby. They were our first. Aren't they sweet? All I had to say was, "Pose for Mama's picture, and I'll give you a cookie." And this is what they did. And then they got their cookie.

They like to lick and groom each other, and they'll follow you all around the pasture, wherever you go.

I've already informed B that no matter what, these are never sold. These are my girls. We go way back. Lily massages my tired hands for me, and I braid Baby's hair. It's a regular slumber party when I walk in the gate.

Tar Baby's already had her baby this year...a little bull calf. Tiger Lily, on the other hand, is dragging out the suspense. Each time B sees her, he says: "Where's my baby?" She looks at him sideways and goes about her business. And then I follow her around and whisper "It's baby time, sista...or he'll ship your rear! Push! Push!"

Not surprisingly, she ignores me.

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