08 August 2009

The Assassination of Jesse James

So. A review of The Assassination of Jesse James. This is gonna be tough. Tough because it really challenged me intellectually? Tough because it caused me to search my soul? Tough because I cried all the way through it? Tough because I don't know where to start?

But no.

Tough, because I spent over 80% of the movie in the bathtub. Hey. Sometimes, you have to do these things.

The part I did see, however, was disturbing. I saw towards the end, where they had Jesse James's body on display after death. Now THAT is macabre. I'm not sure how I feel about that. But I will say this: regardless of a person's past, death is a sad, sad thing.

I will also say that when I first looked at the picture I used to represent the movie, I thought it said "Robert Redford" at the bottom...not "Robert Ford." And then I thought, "That's weird...I don't remember seeing Robert Redford in the movie...."

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