27 August 2009

The Barn Site

Is this picture bigger than the ones I usually post? I fear it may be. Oh well. Throw on your 3-D glasses, and jump right in....

This is the view from my steering wheel of the barn site. The barn that Brady built! Okay...IS building. A technicality. This picture is from about three weeks ago, so we're already farther along than this. I'll be sure to post more pictures in the future so the barn is more visible; this was taken with the cell camera.

How'd you like that we up there?

"We" means "them." The hard workers. The sweaters. Sweaters? Those that sweat. I just sit on the lid of the cooler until they say, "Up, Woman...and pass me Gatorade." And grunting ensues.

From them, not me.

Although some days, it's so hot I get mighty close to grunting. Especially when I don't drive down to the site but put my boots to walkin'. It's a long way down there, y'all, and I'm delicate.

Some females get excited about new purses, outfits with matching shoes, furniture shopping, trips to the spa.... Me? Not so much. But show me a barn! With kennels built in for those barking hunting dogs! With storage! With walls! With doors! With shade! With a roof and windows! With pretty cedar! Pass the party hat and hallelujah!

Now that gets my blood to-pumpin'!

P.S. Please don't mind the dead grass and the weeds. They've had a long, hard summer.

And to top it all off, it's the barn that B built. With his own hands and the help of some pretty awesome dads and a superstar of a best friend. Men, we owe you one....

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