26 August 2009

Dear Diary,

My head hurts. Is it stress? Is it the weather? It's probably a little of both. I wish I could just screw it right off my neck and put it on the chair next to me.

We found out Monday that Brady's fire school has been postponed SIX MONTHS. Budget stuff, we assume. We haven't gotten the official letter in the mail yet.

Six months.

That'll make it June. It'll be a lot hotter in June than it would have been in January.

And to top it all off? As a result, they'll only be taking half as many recruits. My baby's really gonna have to run his rear off and impress the stopwatch during that PAT.

But I know he can do it.

The biggest challenge right now is trying not to let this bring me down and steal my joy. I'm sure there's a reason for it all: more time to work in Piedmont, more time for the remodel on Grandma's house, more time for B to run....

[heaving sigh] Do excuse me while I go look for some screws to bore into the back of my throbbing head.


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