12 August 2009

Schindler's List

"Everyone thinks his own burden heavy."
~ French proverb

And then you read Schindler's List and discover that you don't know what heavy is. This was my second time to read through it. The first time was the summer before my senior year of high school (give or take). It was on our reading list. I have a very distinct memory of sitting out in a lawn chair in my parents' front yard, our dog Rusty sitting next to me, and "reading" this book. I say "reading," because I somehow managed to read the words while simultaneously sleeping and watching the birds and the clouds. Suffice it to say that I was NOT paying attention.

As I read through it the second time, I paid attention. I even looked up a bunch of words, yessirIsuredid.

I was compelled to reread the book for two reasons:

First, I found it in the back of my bookshelf while packing up the house last March. I didn't really want to pack it and move it with me, because I was trying to declutter and cut down on my stuff, and y'all, I have a LOT of BOOKS! So this one was going to get cut to the bookshelves in my office - they're built-ins and really need some "beefing up." Before being banished to the office dust forever, however, I somehow felt I owed the book. I didn't listen the first time around, but I would the second time.

Secondly, B and I just watched "Defiance," so I was kind of already on the subject, anyway. It's a really moving picture, as my grandma would say, but definitely not something you can watch on Saturday morning while eating Fruit Loops and listening to the birds chirp. This movie begs the seriousness of darkness and one's undivided attention. And I really appreciated the post notes in the movie...where they detail the fate of the people. I became even more intrigued after seeing their real photographs and reading about what their futures held.

Schindler's List also requires a certain level of decorum while watching. Which is precisely why it is NOT a good choice for a first date movie. Why do I bring up such a thing? Because I was actually taken to see this movie on a first date. So, not only did I have a chance to commit this story to memory after it was on the summer reading list, but I should have known it backwards and forwards after watching it in a dark little movie theatre a year (let's say two) before that. I was going to type "crowded little movie theatre," but who am I kidding? There were about six people sitting in there, including my date and me.

I'll refrain from naming any names, for his protection and mine, but let's just say I'm sure neither of us was paying attention. And mama, please, pick your jaw back up now and lower your eyelids to their rightful resting place...it is NOT because we were making out or...or whatever. It was because the date kept getting up to go to the bathroom or to get food or drink. It was really distracting. Either he was really nervous, or he decided early on that he'd rather be someplace else. Or perhaps he had another girl in the next theatre, watching something a little more entertaining than Schindler's List. Schindler's List, BY THE WAY, is in black and white (save for one sweet little girl's scarlet coat) and FULL of German, Belorussian, and Polish, which, as I'm sure you can only imagine, really added to the draw of the film. Especially for some high school kids not yet turned sixteen.

And how we got our non-drivin' selves all the way to the movie theatre is a post for another day, along with the play-by-play of how my date managed to nearly maim himself coming back from the popcorn counter, bless his heart. I swear I didn't trip him...did I? No, no...I didn't. I'm almost certain....

Boy. I can't believe I just brought up high school dating. What was I thinking? I'm already regretting it and having to re-suppress memories long ago buried...help me Rhonda.

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