29 August 2009

Write In My Journal

A blog recommendation: Write in My Journal. Some probably couldn't care less, some may already follow it, and maybe some will start.

Sidenote: I wish I knew how to just type in the title of the blog, such as Write in My Journal, and make the title the actual link that will take you to the homepage, instead of having to cut and paste in the homepage link, as I did above. Can anyone teach me how to do that? If so, please remember to speak slowly and use little words when it comes to all the computer-y terms.

As I was saying...I don't remember how I found this blog, but I think it's pretty neat-o. And if that doesn't qualify it, I don't know what would....

I think David is very brave in the way that he approaches people. And being an English-major-nerd, I really appreciate how he posts photos of the actual journal pages, so that I can see the writers' handwriting. I still love handwriting everything I can. I think I really could have thrived back in the day where your only correspondence with family and friends mere miles away was via the handwritten letter.

Plus, they didn't wear shorts then! And anyone who's read my bathing suit shopping post knows full well how I hive up at the idea of shorts....

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the write-up! I appreciate it and am happy to hear you liked the site.

    By the way, if you want to create a hyperlink to a site in your blog post write out the title of the site then highlight it. Then go to the top of the area you're writing in and click the "Link" button. There you can put in the destination URL and it will create the hyperlink for you.

    Hope that helps.