08 September 2009

About a Girl

So, she asked me to write a post about her...write a post about her, but refrain from names to protect the "innocent." She wants a little attention, but not too much. Obviously, she is unaware that only six people read the blog, and that includes my parents and my husband. And even then, not on such a regular basis! But no names it is....

Dear You,

I'm so glad I met you when I first got to public school in Brenham. You made a terrifying experience a little less traumatic. And I won't even go into my first site of you, because you say that I sort of wear that story out, which is fine, because I have PLENTY MORE.

I think the majority of our relationship revolved around our inside jokes and our ability to laugh at just about anything, whether truly funny or not. Somehow, in each other's presence, everything became hysterically funny. Hurryupgetmetothebathroom funny.

I remember when we got in trouble in Mrs. Kremmer's class. And for what? Being a distraction, because we were laughing and wouldn't stop.

I remember you coming over to my house to get ready for junior high dances. You always had Guess clothes and matching Sam & Libby shoes, and I was beyond jealous.

I remember you flipping your hair over every day after fourth grade to "pick out" your perm.

I remember going to gymnastics with you once for a lock-in. Again, I was intimidated and fearful...what if they wanted me to do a cartwheel?! Me, cartwheels, and balance beams do NOT mix. Luckily for me, they stuck with generic games for us non-athletic types that had to borrow "gymnastic clothes." For some reason, I remember the roof of that building very vividly....it was covered with chicken wire. And we had donuts and orange juice for breakfast the next morning.

I remember going to your house and playing with your cats on the porch and trying to hide from your little sister, so we could talk about important stuff, like Cover Girl powder, lip gloss, boys, and everything that happened at school.

I remember how happy I was that you were at my wedding. I felt so relieved to see you there.

I remember going dancing in College Station and wondering how you always managed to draw such a crowd so fast.

I remember having sleepovers and being too loud at night and keeping my parents awake.

I remember breaking up with one of your boyfriends for you.

I remember being grateful that we always had a locker next to each other.

I remember how hard it was to keep up with you sometimes. We all always wanted a little more from you - more time, more explanations, more attention - but you were hard to pin down sometimes. We've chased you some throughout our friendship, but you were worth it.

I remember so much more, like walking you to the Coke machines and riding in your little red car and writing notes to each other all the time and picking you up from daycare every morning, but mostly? I remember how you made me feel like I was important. I felt special, because you chose me.

Don't forget how smart you are. Don't forget how beautiful you are, inside and out. Don't forget how successful and capable you are. And don't forget to learn from life as you go along. I know that you are destined for even greater things than what you've already accomplished, but it's up to you to go out and get it for yourself. You deserve the best; you're worth it. Go get it.

I'm glad you're around again, and I can't wait for a road trip in our future....

The Girl That Was Always Long Distance

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  1. Amy Becker-Hall9/13/2009

    Who is this about? It is beautifully written. You need to write short stories--I love reading your blog!