08 October 2009

I'll Have What She's Having

It's Thursday night, early evening. When I was in college, I would probably just about be home from my daily workout with my good friend, Maren. At this point, the roommates and I would discuss our options for the night. In college, Thursday nights were THE party nights. I'm not really sure why. I mean, it was just like any other "school night" in my opinion! But hey...I didn't make the rules, and far be it from me to rock the boat....

This Thursday night, nine or so years later, I'm sitting at my parents' house and waiting for my laundry to finish washing, so I can move it to the dryer. And then I'm really gonna have some fun...I'm gonna eat some casserole and take a bath.

Please. Curb your enthusiasm.

I never would have guessed nine years ago that I would be borrowing my parents' laundry room and internet right now. I can't help but wonder where I'll be in another nine years....

Will I have a laundry room of my own again? (Lord...please....)

Will I have a child? (gulp)

Will I have more than one child? (Insert fear here.)

Or will we just have more animals? (pretty much a given)

One thing I know for sure, though: nine years from tonight, Willy and Lesley will be married, and we won't be working on the wedding anymore. That eases my stress level already. I told Mama tonight that I think this is the point, with less than a month to go, where the snowball starts forging down the mountain side, not stopping 'til it hits next year.

There are parties to prepare for, gifts to buy, decorations to work on, schedules to work out, trips to book, things to spray paint, people to hide in closets 'til Thanksgiving, chocolate sheet cakes to make, cameras to charge, girdles to stretch, and haircuts to be had.

But despite this grocery list of self-imposed craziness, I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!

This is gonna be so much fun.

(No, no one has spiked my iced tea....)

The dressing up? Fun. The family and friends all getting together? Fun. The pictures? Fun. The pedicures? Fun. The dancing? Fun, fun, fun.

Yep, let's get this show on the road and get the party started! I'm ready to dust off some fake trees, string up some lights, and Grand March myself right outta my new shoes!

But first?

A little laundry. A little casserole. And maybe a really, super long nap....

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