04 November 2009

Dear Diary,

I have a vacation day from work today. When I realized how many days I have to take by the end of the year, or I'll lose them, I'll admit...I got a little excited.

"Oh, I have to stay HOME today?"

"You mean, I CAN'T come in to work?"

"So, what you're saying is...there is no need to check emails and answer that phone?"

HowEVER will I cope.

I have a beautiful job. But not even That Man That Watches That Island for a Living would turn down vacation days!

I played with The Crew - puppies Piggy Smalls, T, and Moose - in the sunshine this morning and gave their poor mama a break. And the sunshine made me happy.

And that is all I have to report. Because this is my vacation day. I shall now eat Oreos and drink Coke.


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