14 November 2009

Sugar Embarks

This is the picture of a cat with danger on his mind.

With visions of chasing wild mice through the fields.

Cavorting with the idea of scaling a tree.

A hero who knows his luck in surviving his birth.

Thinking of tying on his cape and launching out.

But then having second thoughts:
I lurv air conditioning.
I revel in kitty snacks on command.
I heart soft carpet and a squishy bed.

If I go, I will not survive.

I am housecat.
Hear me gain five pounds.

(And no, Tommy, we did not have his ears clipped for migratory purposes....)


  1. i'm pretty sure our cats are from the same mold. except for lexi. she's 1 part feline and 9 parts pure insanity.

  2. That cat cracks me up...and his mama too! ;)