14 January 2010

The Post Where I Reveal Too Much

...such as my unhealthy relationship with Rice-a-Roni, how spoiled I am when I come home, how we text within the same house, how I require my bath water be hot enough to boil potatoes, and who knows what else....

A Texting Conversation Between Mama & Me

Scene: Home in Old Washington, while I draw bath water....

Mama: "I'm home. Chicken tenders or baked chicken breasts?"

Me: "Does the baked chicken come with Rice-a-Roni?
R u using hot water?"

Mama: "Sorry, but Walgreen's was out of Orabase."

Me: "Huh?"

Mama: "For supper."

Me: "Orabase for supper?"

Mama: "That was for Gale*, darn it!"

Me: "Well thank God...I didn't know what you were trying to feed me.
R u using hot water?"

Mama: "Just chicken...."

Me: "Does that mean no Rice-a-Roni? If no Rice-a-Roni, tenders.
Hey...r u using hot water?!"

Mama: "I can do baked chicken in the oven with Rice-a-Roni.
How's that?"

Me: "Yes, for cryin' out loud...yes! R U USING HOT WATER????????"

Mama: "NO!"

Several seconds later, there's knocking on the bathroom door....

Mama: "Were you asking about the water because of the chicken?"

And that's all I've got, people, because this is where I pretended I crawled out the bathroom window and just went back home....

* This name was changed to protect an innocent bystander.


  1. Anonymous1/15/2010

    OMG...I think I've actually experienced this exact same thing in the not so distant past...except we weren't texting at that point...there was a time however when we had similar experiences when we still had the two phone lines...I am not above calling the kitchen from the bedroom...

  2. you make me laugh!

  3. Mmmmmmmm. Rice-a- roni.

    Big heaping plates of it.