07 February 2010

"Then She Found Me"

So, we made a weekend trip to the parentals to get some laundry done; while I started this exciting task of domestic fortitude, B sat down to find some good, satellite T.V. Poor thing is just deprived of the good stuff out in Piedmont, where all we watch are Netflix DVDs and whatever the antenna can pick up, which results in LOTS of episodes of Two and a Half Men, This Old House, and too much figure skating. Let's just say that we go to bed very early most nights.

About two minutes into the channel surfing, I hear one very excited man singing the theme song to Cops. What is it about this show that can cause gut-wrenching laughter, hollering, and lots of leaning forward in the couch? Nothing gets his attention like a car chase. He always said he wanted to be a policeman when he was little...guess this is his way of living it vicariously through The Bad Boys and the cops that are going to come for them...what they gonna do?!

This meant I was going to have to find other entertainment; I cannot sit through Cops. I have real issues watching these people run through yards, dive into bushes, and upset their coffee tables, all while dressed in bike shorts and sleeveless undershirts.

So I hit up Netflix and their instant movies, where I found "Then She Found Me." Not a bad movie...I love watching Bette Midler...although I kept wishing that Helen Hunt would smile - just once - and give herself a natural face lift. She looked really old and tired throughout the whole movie.

But it has a happy ending, and ultimately, isn't that what we all want, even The Bad Boys?

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