18 April 2010

Did I mention....

...we're having a baby on or around August 12th?
...Brady starts fire school on June 15th?
...we're fixing up a house and moving within the next month or two?


That's probably because I've been busy scraping myself off the floor.
Despite the insanity, we're really excited and very pleased.

Please note: this screaming orange wall is not in our house; it's at the skating rink. I felt it was necessary to clarify that, lest you worry that our baby will emerge sporting bell bottoms and a gold chain.

Although you see I throw around "skating rink" like it's a Thursday night special for us....


  1. Don't lie! We all know you guys put on the bell bottoms and speed skates to hit up the skating rink every weekend! ;)

    On another note, YAY! You finally put it in writing on your blog! I check your blog every so often to see if you've added anything. Don't feel bad though, I couldn't tell you the last time I posted on mine! Ha!

  2. And we haven't had internet since we moved to Piedmont back in March of 2009! So, yah, I miss it!!! No internet makes this blog-thingy tricky.

  3. Ha! I knew you were at the skating rink before you even mentioned it.

    I used to blog in word and save them. Then when my sister would let me get on her internet I would upload them all at one time! Just a thought since some of us really enjoy reading your blog...

  4. Well thank you! I might have to try that...I hadn't really thought of that before!

  5. So I thought of you tonight while I was watching my shows. What is the significance of Piedmont Place? It is the name of the law firm in "Army Wives" but I am guessing that isn't why you named your blog that.

  6. Actually never seen Army Wives! Piedmont is where Brady and I have a place out in the country, so...Piedmont Place! It's one of my favorite places in the world. There's the mush of it. =)