26 May 2010

Where the Money Goes

Have you ever seen a horse with a glass eye?

Well, now you have!

I can't tell you how long it took me to get her to just turn her head to the side. Every time I moved, she moved with me; all she had in mind was touching noses. I like the fact that her glass eye is blue. She has one brown and one blue! And you'll never guess in a million years what her name is.

Wait for it....

The Blue-Eyed Mare

Yah...whoa the creativity! That's not her registered name, but that's what she gets called when referred to in the familiar.

And that's it! That's our only horse!

Or not.

This is Carlotta. "She's a Barbie girl...." Sorry. I couldn't help myself. When I thought of how she looks like a Barbie horse, that song just popped into my head. She's a beauty, all right. And she knows it. This is the horse that bucked me a couple of years ago. I got myself a full-blown concussion as a result - just like on the soap operas!

She was so perfect until that ill-fated day. I'm sure it's just because her bit was bothering her or her fanny pack was on too tight or some dog was wrapped around her legs (We were hog hunting, yah boy!), but still. The ride started at 7 AM...that was no way to wake me up.

So glad those are our only two horses.

Oh wait....

I forgot about the two currently getting trained. And that ridiculously tall one, Floyd, that runs like an antelope. Or that young one that's un-broke and wild as two monkeys in a tree. And then there's the stud...all glistening and majestic...and snorting and kicking like the rudest kid on the playground.

Oh. And the donkey, Dinky. And his best bud, Merrylegs the Pony from Wal-Mart. Or at least that's what Brady tells our little friend and Merrylegs's Exerciser, Avery: "Don't make me take the pony back to Wal-Mart...." Avery doesn't much care for Merrylegs's moniker. She prefers Peanut. So he's technically Peanut Merrylegs from the Wal-Mart.

Seems like there are more...maybe one named Dixie...a couple of new babies...it all kind of starts to blur together. They all just come running and nosing around in your business. It always starts out like a glorious scene out of The Man from Snowy River...horses running with powerful legs, thundering hooves, and manes flying...and it always ends like a garage sale first thing Saturday morning after payday...all this pawing through your pockets and the bed of your truck, looking for the good stuff before it's all gone.

"Hey Lady...there better be a bag from Coop around here somewhere...."

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