27 November 2010

And Then She Turned Twelve

Dear Katie,

You're not this teeny tiny baby anymore! You're 15 weeks old now, and you're so AWARE and ALERT. Daddy and I are really having to mind our manners...you're all eyes and ears when we're misbehaving. Which we never do, of course.


So as I was saying...you seem to see everything now, and you are no longer interested in doing "baby stuff." You know...rocking, laying down, sleeping in your carseat. You try to sit up everytime someone puts you in a reclining position. Your daddy just says, "She's only doing crunches." In reality, you probably need to get started on donkey kicks...the Thigh Legacy I am leaving you is not a pretty one.

Start now. Start yesterday. Donkey kick your way into Week 16, if you know what's good for you!

But perhaps you'll get Brady's thighs. You already have his dimple in your chin! More people than not think you look like him, and I'm happy about that! (except for the whole mustache thing) Your daddy is a very handsome man. One hunky Cowboy Fireman. So if you continue to use his sweet grin and happy eyes, we're all going to be in deep trouble....

And I apologize for that pointy hat they put on you. Even with it, you were - ARE - the most precious thing I've ever come in contact with. Your essence is more than I can handle some days.

Love you to Egypt and back,
times twelve hundred,
forever and ever,

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