29 November 2010

Maker of a Mean Egg Sandwich

Dear Daddy,

This is a thank-you. A thank you so much and God grant you many blessings and accolades in Heaven for all you've had to put up with, living with three women most of your life.

You've always been so good to us and worked so hard for us and basically just done anything you were capable of to help us, no matter what. You're what daddies are made of; you're the daddy in that Judds' song, "Daddy's Hands." (Lurv me some old country, y'all...)

Just wanted to make sure you knew that I am grateful for you, I appreciate you, I know how lucky I am to have you, and I probably only know a fraction of what you've had to go through for us.

Thank you for

  • making us breakfast to eat on the drive to school.
  • ironing our clothes for us.
  • sitting in the truck and waiting for us to be ready for church.
  • making sure we always had what we needed for school.
  • helping us go on vacations with our friends.
  • paying for, well, everything.
  • lovin' Mama and being an example of a good marriage.
  • laying on the floor and playing with my baby.
  • waking us up every morning when we were little and at home.
  • letting us call long distance in our teens to reach civilization.
  • driving us to town to do stuff with friends.
  • sitting in town, waiting to pick us up after stuff with friends.
  • all that punishment stuff that I'm sure was necessary.
  • stressing that homework was really important and necessary.
  • coming to all the football games. *
  • being laid back as I sobbingly told you I got my first ticket.
  • picking us up from Jack & Jill to go get M&Ms and Big Reds.
  • helping my husband.
  • letting my husband help you.
  • feeding our animals.
  • everything else you did, do, and will do....

* I was a cheerleader. Head cheerleader, in fact. And anyone who knows me just spit out their Coke and choked on their Doritos. I was actually the quarterback. Just never mind...someone's gonna need the Heimlich if this keeps up.... Band, people. I was IN THE BAND. And now my husband is hiding behind a tree or something.


  1. Greatest post ever... I know all of those feelings!

  2. Jaime...miss reading your blog...do you still have it?