22 December 2010

This Day Last Year

Let's see...this day last year. I assume I was at work. My most poignant memory from Christmas last year was that we knew we were pregnant, but we hadn't told anyone. I didn't even go to the doctor for confirmation until my appointment that was already set in January! So all Christmas long, we had this little secret between the two of us. I remember waking up Christmas morning, and my parents offering me my usual soda with breakfast, and I told them I was "really craving chocolate milk." That was my way of getting out of the caffeine without letting on. They should have known then and there that something was up. Me give up Coke for milk? I don't think so....

Predictions for next year?

Katie will be a year and four months then...I predict I will be gray-headed and twitchy. Brady will tell me it's "cute." He will be lying. The baby will probably have progressed to completing the New York Times Crossword through Wednesday and will know how to sear her own steak. Hopefully, the farmhouse will be painted by then, but there will probably still be unpacked moving boxes on the screened porch. I'll most likely have a tablecloth thrown over them and refer to them as "side tables." Brady will be eleven months into his fire rotations, so I predict he will still be loving his five days off every week and quite possibly spend four out of the five on a horse, with baby in tow. Meanwhile, Mama will be lying in a heap on the bathroom rug, sucking her thumb.

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