01 December 2010

"Waiter...oh, waiter!"

What you're looking at here is a baby's bottle on the hood of a Dodge truck at a feed store.

Because isn't that where everyone keeps their bottles while in transit?

I wonder what the other farmers and ranchers thought as they watched my husband pull a bottle out of the truck and place it on the hot hood to warm.

They probably thought they were suddenly thirsty.

Or maybe hungry for some ice cream.

Why does milk make me think of ice cream? Probably because I don't like milk. Unless it's chocolate milk. Or on cereal. Or in instant chocolate pudding. Okay...so maybe I do like milk.

Probably they were thinking they were glad they didn't have a baby crying in the back seats of their trucks.

I know that's what I was thinking.

Oh wait.

1 comment:

  1. I love this picture! K's daddy sure is a keeper! ;)