30 December 2010

Where the Magic Happens

This is what I stare at every day, for several hours on end. The screensaver is a picture of our pond out in Piedmont. It makes me feel better: calms me, soothes me, reminds me there's a Great Outdoors, assures that weekends and holidays do come...it even kind of taunts me. Which isn't really very friendly at all.


  1. Heather Muesse12/30/2010

    Um, why are there two screens?!?

    And, upon seeing the title of your post, I was SO expecting to see a pic of your bed or something; is that bad?!? ;o)

  2. Well that's just plain scandalous. ;)

    And why the two screens? Because I'm JUST THAT IMPORTANT.

    Or not.