11 January 2011

About a Girl

My first "About a Girl" post was a request. A good one, I think. So I've decided to write another one. Only, this one wasn't requested. But I'll keep it anonymous, too, just in case she's shy. Or I might just plaster a big ol' honkin' picture of her at the bottom...I'm such a rogue. You can just never tell what I might do. Why, at lunch, just today, I licked my finger and used it to gather up the last of the chip crumbs on my plate. I know! (That's grody, yo....)

Dear You,

The first thought that comes to mind is a memory from before you were married...when you were still "new-ish" to the group. I remember sitting on an old couch and looking at a bridal magazine with you. You pointed out the style of wedding dress you would get when you got married. I thought it was so pretty...the style was perfect for you. And after seeing it on you at the wedding, I was right. It was the most perfect choice.

I remember when your wedding had to be moved inside, because of the weather. I was bummed for you, but now that I know you better, I imagine you were incredibly easy-going about it.

You've heard this before, but I love coming to your house - though we don't come over often. Every time, the windows are open, the doors are open, fans are going, people are cooking or eating, there's usually a party, babies are running and playing, a dog might be coming in or out, and it just has this happy feel. Houses speak out loud, and yours says all good things about your family. I like to be there. I feel welcome when I'm there.

I remember when your first baby was born, and when we walked in the room, there you were...legs dangling over the side of the bed, smiling, and frying up omelets or something. Let's just say you made it look freakishly easy. Shame on you.

You're very easy to talk to...before I know it, I've purged all my mental files all over your stuffed avocado...and you continue to be nice to me. I can't figure it out.

I remember you and your then husband-to-be laying on the floor of the duplex on Gray Wolf Trail and playing with puppies.

Oh, please just count this as your thank-you note for the perfectly-suited gifts you gave me today. I've already mapped out where all the good smells will go...my closet will soon smell like men's cologne, the laundry room is about to start smelling way better than the truck-sized fire bag in there, and I will be smelling pepperminty everywhere I go. Life is looking good. And here's hoping B doesn't think I'm hiding a man on my side of the closet, between the old pink tote bag and the dressy work pants....

So here's one more thank-you...for being such a truly nice person, a dear friend, and for making it so simple to just pick up right where we left off.

I'll just end with that preposition.

The Girl that Always Picks the Same Birthday Lunch

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  1. Anonymous1/13/2011

    You are too kind. We should have lunch more often than just birthday lunch...so we can pick up where we left off!