26 January 2011

[Big Sigh]

That's our little frog. Only, she's no longer a little frog. She's this babbling, laughing, horseshoe-throwing, drooling, happy, almost six-month-old.

Seriously. Every day is more fun than the one before it. (All those mamas out there busy getting Fruity Pebbles out of the bathtub drain and pulling gum out of their hair just gave me a look, didn't they?)

Love those little pursed lips. He seems to dig 'em, too.

Check out my wee surfer chick. Blond hair and tan! Could it be? I can tell you now: that certainly didn't last. That was her first and last "tan." She's throwin' out the hang ten sign under that sleeve there....

And it's a good thing we didn't keep this up for the last twenty-something weeks:

We would all be in dire straights by now.

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