24 January 2011

Bright Orange Carpeted Wall Comin' At Ya

I think someone is tired.

After several months of getting up at 2:45 AM, driving two hours to the big city in traffic, running for miles, climbing a billion flights of stairs, getting hot, working out, getting cold, having little oxygen to breathe, wearing six tons of gear, sitting in classrooms, taking tests, eating sandwiches, drinking Gatorade, running, taking more tests, doing push-ups, rebuilding equipment, repelling down buildings, driving two hours home in traffic, and crashing in to bed, I think he's earned a nap.

But just one.

Baby, you should see the list of honey-dos!

I kid.

I'm keeping those hidden until his eyes come uncrossed and he starts speaking in complete sentences again.

Swearing in was last week, and badges and graduation are this week. I'm so proud, I could burst. He did it! I knew he could, and I knew he'd do it well.
Did I mention how excited and proud I am?

'Cause I am.


  1. Anonymous1/25/2011

    Was he taking a nap at Silver Wings Ballroom, while you and Katie were getting your skate on?

  2. Dear John Cusack,

    Nah...this picture is old. Funny how one trip to the skating rink can really color your world for years to come....