03 January 2011

Have I Already Posted This Picture?

If so, I apologize. You're getting it again, anyway.

I got this picture on my phone from B one day last year. Just in the middle of the workday. This is where his job took him. On a horse, behind some other horses, riding in some woods. I can honestly say my job has never taken me to such lengths.

When I first got the picture, it was winter, and I thought, "Man! Look at the snow they're riding through!"

And then I remembered we're in Texas, and that is sand, not snow.

Or, judging by the way most all of them are riding off the sides of the white, it might be rocks. Who knows. Either is a good guess. Perhaps all the horses are green, so it's important to keep your distance, lest you end up face down in some greenery.

Been there. Done that. And happily, all the bruising faded away! I know we're all so relieved....

Who here's wondering if there's a Target around that bend up there?


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