19 January 2011

"I will not be the one to break the peace that we have made today."

...says Don Corleone.
Do meet our goddaughter...our charge...our spiritual responsibility...part of our religious motivation: (and please note how she is already bored with me)

She is already yawning and wondering who's next in line to get to hold her. Perhaps someone with something interesting to play with that she can easily reach?

I see no yawning here. She's fully into figuring out WHAT is on his face. Of course, she'd hardly recognize him these days. The mustache is gone. So I guess we'd be right back to this:

But despite her obvious lack of interest in my moustache-less face, I'm saving for her. Saving notes, pictures, cards, money...everything she might ever need or want. One day, I'll hand her a special book or box of everything, and maybe a big fat check. Or maybe I'll just hand it over to her folks, but at any rate, if she yawns then, too, I don't know what I'll do.

But have you ever seen a cuter baby in a beret?


  1. you need to put a current pic of her up. you know, crazy hair and all.
    what are you saving for my son?? ;-) maybe your daughter, because they would make a mighty cute couple. :-)

  2. You need to speak to your sister, because I don't have a current picture of just her...with or without the Curls-a-Go-Go!

    Well, your son isn't my godson, but I am open to the arranged marriage. Your boy is beautiful. Katie Weishuhn. Who can hear it?

  3. laura beth1/21/2011

    You know, I always seem to forget about your blog...maybe because I see you every day and get to keep up with you face-to-face. At any rate, Mama Joyce is an avid follower and she told me about the nice post so I had to check it out. It IS too sweet. YOU are too sweet. And my family is lucky to have you and your family in our lives. And you will probably never know how much I really appreciate ya and love ya...because we don't tend to get all smooshy like that, but I do...to the moon and back. And I am certainly glad you are saving for her because both you and God know how her mama is at saving. ;) But someone has taught me to be better at that. And for that, I thank you.

  4. You're making me blush. =)

    Now go get me a coke. ;)

  5. hey, that "go get me a coke" line belongs to me and becky from back in the days of RSSA! Does becky read this? because if you do, becky, GO GET ME A COKE!

  6. Ah, yes...that was funny stuff of legend.

    But I was actually referring to the Sonic Coke that ambled through our office that afternoon. Just one look at it, and I was craving a vanilla coke.... YUM. =)