13 January 2011

It Happened One Night

Computers. I had the one my parents got me while I was in college for ten years. TEN, people. A decade. A decade of writing essays, research papers, cries for help, study reviews, short stories, book reports, outlines, summaries, more cries for help, technical writing papers, linguistic studies, and emails. But not so many emails. I had dial-up. Every time the static and bee-booping started, the cats would hide.

Then, one day, the computer contracted a fatal disease, and it's no longer with us. Well, it's technically still sitting in the computer cabinet, but it's dead. Silent. Waiting for its fate. It knows it's not a good one....

(While we're on the subject, any suggestions on what to do with an old desktop computer?)

A couple of weekends ago, I spent a couple of hours or more taking all of my pictures, videos, and documents off and transferring them to the laptop. We had to get a laptop even before the desktop bought the farm, so B would have what he needed for EMT and fire school while in Houston. I'm so glad we had it...where else would the eight bazillion pictures take root??? He swears the laptop is now slower than paint drying, but he hyperbolizes a bit, I think.

It's news to me, but do you know it's cheaper to just buy a new, basic laptop than it is to get the desktop computer fixed by a professional that won't set it on fire and reprogram it to hypnotize us each time we turn it on? This was stunning to me.

So back to transferring all the good stuff from The Old to The New. While I sat there and waited for the pictures to copy over and then delete from the desktop, I watched a Netflix instant movie: It Happened One Night.

Have you ever had the feeling that you're missing out on something that everyone else knows about, like European cities, reading the classics, or watching old movies? That's kind of how I felt about It Happened One Night. It's been referenced in books, movies, magazines, and by people, but I didn't have a clue. It could be all about giraffes marrying hippos and opening up auto mechanic shops, for all I knew.

I'm glad I watched it. It was really good. I would even go so far as to say I'd watch it again! It's black and white, so prepare yourself. It was actually kind of funny, too. That dry, sarcastic humor that I really enjoy.

I will say, however, that it completely sealed the deal on me hating raw carrots.

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