07 January 2011

Misty, Muddy-Colored Memories

So, in honor of my impending birthday:

(I don't care how old I'm getting...YAY, BIRTHDAYS!!)

There was this one birthday. I was but a child. And my parents were hosting a birthday party for me for my mom's side of the family at our house.

~ and hallelujah! ~

It was gift-opening time. First up? The big, square one from Grandma and Grandpa.

I was sitting in the middle of the living room floor, rapt with anticipation.

Everyone was kindly watching me open the present, as if they truly cared about the next Barbie or coloring book that was about to emerge.

I pulled back the tissue paper, and...

(For those of you who know the story, pipe down.)

...and, it was a....

(Laura, this means you.)

...it was a....


Not of paper, but the satin-y, white, lace-trimmed kind, and it was obviously reading aloud pages from My Diary. My embarrassment was tangible.

But I wore the slip. (not there in the middle of the living room) I wore it to church. I wore it to special school events. I probably wore it with tights and maybe pantyhose. And most definitely with a dress over it.

"Stand in front of the window. Let me see if you need a slip."

I don't think they sell slips anymore, do they?
Note: I just checked with JC Penney, and slips are alive and well.
Half slips, whole slips, nude slips, white slips, slit slips....


Here's to slips:


  1. I even owned a slip that looked like shorts. I wore a full dress slip once. Slips are so cool...Happy Birthday to you, sweetheart. Maybe if you are really good, someone will give you a slip for your birthday this year.

  2. Stacey, this post made me laugh!! I was just going through an old box, wwaaayyy in the back of the closet that Mom had brought to my house a few years ago (to get out of my old closet back home) and what did I find in this box . . .???? Slips! I had to laugh at how I had half and full slips in a few different colors. Too funny! I had forgotten about slips until that point. I'm sure someone will buy them at Goodwill . . . right? There's got to be some "see-through skirted" old lady out there needing a new nude colored full slip . . . :) haha Hugs!

  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes, Kel! No slips yesterday, but the baby puked on me. =) Her grin was so big, though...how can you help but laugh?

    And it sounds like we might be bringing slips back.... ;)

  4. Anonymous2/20/2011

    say, a slip! i always thought mama's black one looked like a fancy dress...and it always had gold safety pins on the straps...