17 January 2011

One Hot Mess

The Big Extended Family Christmas: You try to look nice for the day, since you only see some of these people on holidays; you pick out a special outfit for the baby, since this is her first major holiday with the extended family; you pack up the diaper bag with every possible necessity, and it's all neat and organized for easy access; you don't eat breakfast, so you have plenty of room for all the good food; you wrap the presents for the little ones as cute as you can, so it'll be extra fun for them; and you leave on time, so you don't have to hear, "They're finally here!" seven thousand, six hundred and eighty-two times.

Katie says, "Oooh! Look at all the goodness! Pass the puddin'!"

But halfway through the day, you end up looking like this:

Can you say One Hot Mess? My husband loves this term. I first heard it during a diaper change in the hospital, mere hours after Katie was born. "Boy, have we got a hot mess here...." Mama looks worn, the baby looks completely over-stimulated, and the winter hat looks like it's trying to take the shortest detour outta Dodge. You've sweated in the hot house, you've eaten your weight - and your husband's - in dinner, the baby has refused to nap, the diaper bag has been emptied and repacked by wombats, you've been drooled on, and somewhere along the way, you think you blacked out from too much sugar. And Sister is there, the whole time, snapping photos....

Speaking of hot messes...is this girl a mess, or what? I think she has the most darling hair on the planet...and the personality to go with it:

You can never go wrong with red ringlets!

And how pleased does Daddy look? Come on, babe...let's turn it up a notch. THE BABY FINALLY WENT TO SLEEP! It's a wonder I'm not shooting fireworks outta my ears and singing Joy to the World while tap dancing through the kitchen. Alas, that would only serve to wake the baby.

There's simply nothing better than a sleeping baby. Except maybe one that's slightly snoring and drooling. The outfit? Courtesy of Baby Lesley. As are all the pictures. Cheers!

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  1. Anonymous2/20/2011

    SISTER? Yeah ok, we need to come up with a signal for the picture thing...no need to document everything, however, it is hard to pass up that baby - she's very photographable :) besides, seeing you a hot mess is good for my self-'steem, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! j/k MAYBE it'll get better once we've been back a while I know it won't be a month or better before I see her again...