09 February 2011

More Talking Animals

They're milling around, wondering what's for snacks.

"This grass is getting kind of mundane."

Oops. Sorry for the unflattering angle, sweetums.

They're getting bored and roaming away; throw 'em some cubes!

"Please don't leave...the photos are over. You can have feed now."

That's Tar Baby. She just had a baby, so I guess she can be as ornery as she wants. I can now empathize whole-heartedly.

Katie and I are in the truck there, watching and waiting, waiting and watching, while Daddy takes pictures, puts out the cubes, and watches them eat. And then watches them eat a little longer. And then stands there and takes them in while they eat. So I recline my seat and peek back at the baby, so he can stand there...and watch them eat. He likes to watch them...well, eat.


  1. Anonymous2/11/2011

    Men and their cows. Derek's grandpa (WC) won't let his Mimi ride the mule into the pasture b/c "She makes `em nervous."

  2. hahahahahahaha - love that