11 February 2011

My Great Idea

Can we please stop the merry-go-round? I feel like the fast forward button is stuck on my remote, and I can't get it un-stuck. I've tried a butter knife, a clothespin, throwing it on the floor, and my teeth...but no luck.

Every morning, no matter if it's the weekend or not, it's up at 5:45 with la princessa, and please let me qualify that going to get her out of her crib every morning is one of the best parts of my day! She's just grinning so big and so happy to see someone! And when I pick her up, she nuzzles in my neck for a minute, and that's when I melt through the cowhide rug and puddle in the wood grain.

And then it's off to work all day, with errands at lunch, and rushing home to relieve Grandma. Not that she needs me to rush...she's still in Baby Fog Heaven. Then, almost a full hour of time with the baby before bedtime, and then it's 8:00. All I want to do is get in bed and disappear until the next morning.

But wait...we haven't eaten supper yet. So there's the making of food, the eating of food, the cleaning up of food, getting ready for work the next day, getting any necessary chores done in the house, and oh! Wait! Who's that hunky man there? Husband. I need time with him, too! Time that's not composed of me sleeping, drooling, and quite possibly snoring. Anything's possible these days.

It would be beautiful to have this huge pause button you could carry around on a chain about your neck. When the baby is doing something precious, you could pause and soak it in. When you feel like you can't take another step from exhaustion, you could pause and sleep 'til you wake. When you need to talk to your husband, but the baby needs you, the phone is ringing, the timer on the stove is going off, and the baby needs you, you could BOTH press your pause buttons and, you know, pause together!

Wouldn't that be beautiful?

Update: I started the post on a very cold day, and then, the sun came out on Valentine's Day, and suddenly, none of this seemed to matter. I was so happy, rainbows and tiny pink hearts were haloing around my head.

It was down right annoying.

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